Welcome to our store. My name is Jerrod Escritt. I started Escritt Home Décor in 2002 as a part-time business. My full-time business from 2000-2016 I sold Rainbow vacuums door to door in the customers home. Due to the home décor business growing so much in 2017 I decided to keep this as my full-time business.

                Being raised by my mother we have moved around a lot. Not from city to city or state to state but from one house to another here in Council Bluffs, Ia. Every house we moved into there was something she didn’t like and wanted to change. Weather it was the paint on the walls or knocking out a wall completely.

                Now the home my mother lives in, the kitchen cabinet handles are deer antlers. The dining room is a western theme and has a hutch with a wagon wheel on the front my uncle had hand made. And the wagon wheel table which you can find here in the furniture section of the site to match it. The bathroom is a black bear theme and the living room is a Cowboys and Indian theme. So that explains a little why I love selling home décor and what gave me the idea of starting up this business.

                There only being one income in the home we couldn’t always afford what we wanted. If it wasn’t a necessity or on a really great sale then the prices of items in the stores was way too much for us to afford.

                That's why I will beat any stores price. Contact me to let me know where you found the lowest deal and how much the item is and I will beat their price guaranteed.  Our goal is to make sure you stay satisfied not part of the time but 100% of the time. So don't wait for the product to go on sale. Let us put it on sale for you. 

                Here at Escritt Home Décor we understand how important it is to make our products affordable every time you shop our store. If you have any questions feel free to tap the blue messenger icon you see on the screen to contact us. If you don’t have facebook messenger you can find our contact info at the bottom of this page.

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